School Programme






🏴‍☠️Captain Fanplastic is in the Maldives 🇲🇻 !

Collaboration is key for a sustainable future. 🌿🤝

We are so excited to share with you the amazing work the Captain's crew is g etting up too across the African Indian Ocean Developing Island States (AIODIS).

To see so many plastic pirates from all different walks of life we cannot help go from Arrrrgh to awwwaaah! 🥹😅

By working together, we can truly create meaningful change and empower future generations to protect our planet. Way to go to our impact partners Atoll Marine Centre team for partnering with us and in bringing this education to the Maldives! You're getting us closer to the big 175.000 learners by 2025 goal. 😁

More kudos to the Ministry of Environment in the Maldives for your support and joining in on the activities! ♻💚🌊🌍

The Captain's crew are advocates for partnerships for the global goals 💫

Contact us on to find out how you can jump on board for impact! 🛳