no trash

But treasure

Captain Fanplastic is a programme that uses graphic storytelling, creativity and gamification to educate primary school kids about plastic. The learning objective is to create a mindset that plastic waste is #NoTrashButTreasure. Take a look at the different lessons:

1. Storytelling

The programme starts with storytelling, where our trained facilitators share The Legend of Captain Fanplastic with the learners. Reading the book aloud, combined with graphic illustrations, creates an engaging world within which the kids can immerse themselves.

Here the learners start to understand what the impact of plastic is and how it harms our environment. But also what the value of plastic is and how it can be repurposed.


2. Learning

Through a Q&A with Captain Fanplastic the kids learn what plastic is, its impact and how to interact with it. Furthermore the 3R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle) are explained.¬†Pushing the mindset that plastic waste is #NoTrashButTreasure.

By re-integrating the story into the second lesson of the programme and combining it with real footage of plastic pollution the learners understand the severity of the problem.

3. Creating

In the third lesson learners experience how they can recycle plastic for other purposes by creating their very own Captain Fanplastic eye-patch and Fin the Turtle. The objective is to constantly drive and entrench the #NoTrashButTreasure mindset, this time through creativity and crafts.

Facilitators really teach the kids how to recycle plastic and train them to look at it in a new light.

4. Cleaning

The grand finale features an exciting treasure hunt (clean-up) in the school’s surrounding. With treasure maps to document and bags to collect their plastic booty kids go on their first mission.

Finally, all the treasure bags are weighed and prizes are given to the most successful little pirates. The collected plastic is processed by one of our recycling partners.

Get a visual


Watch the video beneath to learn more about the different lessons of the program and the excitements it brings to the learners.